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There are times when the courts simply do not get it right. Our Long Island appellate attorneys have argued and won decisions for our clients. Fear not, all is not lost if you did at trial, you have options. Contact the firm today so we can review your case to find grounds for your appeal.

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When the Trial Court Gets It Wrong

Regrettably, the courtroom doesn’t always deliver the outcome we hope for.

After investing countless hours and significant resources in litigation, you anticipate a fair decision from the judge, one that aligns with the facts and evidence presented during the trial. However, sometimes, for various reasons, the legal call may not be in your favor, leaving you in a situation you cannot accept. Whether it’s a financial matter or concerns about your children, when the court’s decision becomes untenable, the next step is an appeal.

Navigating appeals demands a nuanced approach. Whether we’re filing on your behalf or defending against an appeal initiated by your ex, you need adept attorneys to guide you through this intricate and challenging process. Enter the Appellate attorneys at Picarello & Saciolo, PLLC – your beacon of hope.

Our process begins with a thorough review of the Trial Court Decision. We identify the issues you wish to appeal, pinpointing legal grounds such as errors of law or abuse of discretion by the family court.

If you choose to move forward, we’ll prepare and file a Notice of Appeal, requesting a complete copy of the trial transcript, if necessary.

With a keen eye on your specific case and relevant laws, we craft a compelling “Brief.” This document encapsulates a succinct yet persuasive statement of facts, outlines the issues up for review, and presents legal arguments supporting the need for reversal or modification of the trial court decision. We back our case with relevant case law, statutes, and authoritative sources.

We then serve the Appellant’s Brief to the opposing party (respondent), who has the option to counter with a Respondent’s Brief, supporting the trial court’s decision. In response, the appellant may file a Reply Brief, refuting the respondent’s arguments and reinforcing their stance.

Should the Appellate Division decide an oral argument is necessary, we prepare meticulously by rehearsing key points and anticipating potential questions from the appellate judges.

After completing this rigorous process, we await the Appellate Division’s decision, which may affirm, modify, or reverse the trial court’s ruling.

This journey is time-consuming and can be financially demanding, considering the commitment of hours and ancillary fees linked to an appeal. These fees encompass trial transcripts, filing fees, and publishing costs.

Recognizing that this may be your last opportunity to “get it right,” entrusting this pivotal process to competent and experienced attorneys is imperative.

Our Appellate Attorneys

The legal experts at Picarello & Saciolo, PLLC. boast an impressive history of triumphs in appeals, consistently securing victories at the Appellate Division on behalf of our clients. Whether it’s achieving awards for sole custody, securing lifetime maintenance, navigating equitable distribution of assets and debts, or obtaining contempt and counsel fee awards, we specialize in constructing compelling and persuasive legal arguments that consistently yield the outcomes we seek.

Reach out to Picarello & Saciolo, PLLC today to consult with one of our appellate attorneys as soon as the need for an appeal becomes apparent. Remember, you have around 30 days to file a Notice of Appeal before time runs out and you’re bound by the trial decision.

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