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Child Protective Services

Navigating CPS (Child Protective Services) and ACS (Administration for Children’s Services) investigations can be incredibly challenging for families. Allegations of child abuse or neglect can lead to state intervention in parental rights, a situation no family should face alone. While the state has a duty to step in to protect children when parents fail to fulfill their responsibilities, even exemplary parents can find themselves wrongly accused by a dissatisfied ex-partner, another parent, a significant other, a relative, or a neighbor. These allegations are grave and demand serious attention, even if you are certain of their falsity. The stakes are high, risking not only your career but also the potential loss of your child. If you or someone you know is confronted with such accusations, securing the services of an experienced family law attorney is crucial. An expert attorney can provide the necessary guidance and defense to navigate these complex legal waters, ensuring your rights and your family’s wellbeing are vigorously defended.

There are many different forms of child abuse and neglect. Child abuse encompasses any action that jeopardizes or hampers a child’s physical, mental, or emotional health. This can include sexual, physical, emotional, or psychological abuse. Similarly, child neglect involves the failure to meet a child’s basic necessities. Neglect can take many forms, such as failing to provide adequate physical care, medical attention, education, emotional support, or proper supervision. Understanding these critical distinctions is vital in safeguarding the well-being of children..

At Picarello & Saciolo, PLLC, we bring decades of specialized expertise to the complex and emotionally challenging area of child protective services law. In New York, reports made to Child Protective Services are kept in the state central registry until your youngest child reaches the age of 28. This long-term record can significantly hinder opportunities in state or federal employment, and careers in teaching or daycare services. We are committed to supporting parents who feel unjustly singled out by CPS and ACS. Our dedicated legal team vigorously defends your rights, taking a stand against government actions to protect and restore your family’s well-being.

Our child abuse and neglect lawyers on Long Island, New York, can help in a variety of situations, including:

  • When Child Protective Services (CPS) or the State of New York that has initiated an Article 10 proceeding (Neglect or Abuse) against you in Family Court, our skilled attorneys are here to defend your rights and protect your family.
  • Even if you haven’t been directly accused but are involved as an ‘interested party’ in a child abuse or neglect case initiated by Child Protective Services or the Department of Social Services, our legal team can provide the guidance and representation you need to navigate this challenging situation.
  • If your child has been taken from their primary caregiver due to allegations of abuse or neglect, and you are seeking to secure temporary custody, our experienced family law attorneys are committed to supporting your efforts to reunite your family.
  • If you have been ‘indicated’ by Child Protective Services or the Department of Social Services and want to challenge the allegations through a ‘fair hearing,’ our firm is ready to help you clear your name. We specialize in crafting strong defenses to ensure your rights are upheld.

Why Choose Picarello & Saciolo, PLLC?

If you believe your child may have been subjected to abuse or neglect, or if you are facing accusations of such actions, it is imperative to respond swiftly to protect both your child’s well-being and your parental rights. Our family law attorneys are committed to preserving your relationship with your child and safeguarding your rights as a parent. With extensive experience in the courtroom, we have consistently succeeded in challenging the state to secure a just opportunity for our clients to contest even the most serious allegations.

Moreover, our attorneys are trained to provide compassionate support to our clients, guiding them through the complexities that arise when faced with charges of abuse or neglect. We focus on addressing the underlying issues and work diligently towards the goal of reunification with your child.

Don’t Take Our Word For It…

Here what some of our client say out their experience in dealing with these types of cases:

I came to Brian with a rather unique situation that other attorneys told me fighting was a dead-end cause. Brian was extremely straight forward and down to the facts. He was amazing with communicating with us throughout and before the entire proceeding, worked with us efficiently and won our case. Got the entire thing VACATED. Thank you Brian for working so hard and helping us get our daughter.

Professionalism and Integrity are not the only great qualities. Truly a firm that puts their clients first, with an absolute commitment to making you a priority. I couldn’t have been more grateful for the support and guidance I have received during such a challenging situation. Five stars isn’t enough.

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